The problem
Across the globe, family and friends get together in groups to save, invest, borrow, and send money. Known as a chit fund in India, a Tanda in South America and a Chama in Kenya, group saving is a worldwide phenomenon practiced by over 520 million people living on every continent on the globe.

But saving together is hard, there are problems of trust, transparency, cost, and coordination. With trust networks increasingly distributed and time poor these problems are exacerbated. A fragmented financial services ecosystem adds cost, complexity, and friction.
The Solution
Enter Moja, a financial services platform that makes group saving, simple, seamless, and borderless enabling family and friends to connect and collaborate across borders and access financial services.

With 570 billion USD held in savings groups the market opportunity is huge. There is currently no solution to cross border saving, at Moja we plan to be that solution, the world’s first and best borderless group saving service.
The Investment Opportunity
We are currently raising our seed round and are looking for investors who share our passion for building a world beating company.
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